Outdoor Living
Enjoy your backyard all year long when you power it with Marsh Propane.

Warm and inviting is what you want in an outdoor living space, so trust Marsh Propane to make that happen for you. Cooking, entertaining, and relaxing on your patio doesn't have to end when the warm weather does. Marsh Propane can warm up your backyard all year long. There are lots of ways to use propane in your outdoor living space such as with patio appliances, fire places, fire pits, and more! Don't go another year without depending on propane to do the job you need outdoors! Contact one of our locations in your area today!
Make the most of your outdoor living space!
Make your backyard a go to place for friends and family. A propane fire pit or fireplace will make your outdoor area a desired place to enjoy the evening all year long.

A propane fire pit or fireplace adds warmth and sets the mood to your outdoor living space. So stop the smoke, soot, and ashes when you want to relax by the fire. 
Expand your kitchen to the great outdoors. Enjoy the same benefits as your indoor kitchen, but with fresh air and sunshine, and a little less mess. Outdoor kitchens can include a large grilling surface, cooktop, oven, and rotisserie for preparing any meal in your own backyard. Create an incredible outdoor cooking space with a propane cylinder or tie into a home’s main supply tank. Make your backyard a great place for family and friends.
Depend on clean-burning propane for your outdoor living space all year long is a no brainer. 
When friends and family visit it creates a gathering place that is warm and cozy.
It can make your outdoor space 10 to 30 degrees warmer.
So, eliminate the cold this year and contact us today!
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Terms - Privacy - Copyright 2012-2018, Marsh L.P. Gas Co. Inc. All Rights Reserved.